About 2 Fresh 2 Stress

The Team

Who We Are

At our East Palo Alto farmers’ market and community garden, our goal is to educate the local community about health and sustainable living.

We provide education and support to the youth, the families, and the farmers through our local community garden and local farmer’s market.

The 2 Fresh Garden

Our 2Fresh Garden hosts programs where youth community service volunteers learn about growing produce, sustainable food practices, and nutrition.

The 2 Fresh East Palo Alto Farmers’ Market

We also encourage local families to visit our weekly 2Fresh East Palo Alto Farmers’ Market.

Here, families can purchase fresh produce from local farmers, including the produce grown in our garden by students and volunteers.

Let’s Grow Together!

At 2Fresh2Stress, we see a greener and healthier Palo Alto. We’re excited and proud to support a healthier lifestyle in our community.

If you would like to donate or volunteer to 2 Fresh 2 Stress, please contact us here-we’d love to have you as a part of our growing community.

Our Values

We stand by our vision of a healthier, greener, and community-focused Palo Alto.

We believe education is the best way to empower our youth with the knowledge to make lasting growth and development within our city.

We believe a stronger community comes from participation. Our community garden invites everyone to embrace sustainable and healthy living.

Finally, we are proud to support our local farmers and businesses who provide fresh produce at our East Palo Alto farmers’ market and teach us all more about nutrition and responsible practices for the environment.

“2 Fresh not only allowed me to complete all my volunteer hours for graduation but also taught me about protecting the environment.”

Parry Hotter (student at East Palo Alto Academy)